Page Speed Optimisation

Core Web Vitals

Importance of Page Speed

Ever clicked on a link to open a new webpage, only to sit and wait for the page to load? Sometimes for a few seconds, sometimes minutes?

Slow Page Speed can be the ‘make or break’ reason for a potential customer to engage on your website or click back on their browser and go to a competitor site. 

Faster loading webpages improve user experience, which in turn improves your rankings and conversion rates too. 

We have the tools to boost your website.

Under The Hood

  • Image Compression
    Reduce the file size of images without compromising on the image quality.
  • Server Response Time
    Faster Time To First Byte (TTFB) times to ensure reduction in initial server response time.
  • Plug-in Optimisation
    We will identify any unnecessary or unused Plugins while also ensuring the most relevant plugins are used for your website. 
  • Minify JS and CSS files
    We have the tools to minimise the code and markup in your web pages and script files. This will dramatically improve site speed, accessibility and overall user experience.
  • WP Rocket
    Caching, LazyLoad, Preload, Delay JS, Remove Unused CSS, just to name a few
  • Ultra-Fast Static and Dynamic CDN
    We use trusted CDN services to ensure your website is secure, private, fast, and reliable.
  • Database Cleanup
    Review of your database to ensure the overall size is at a minimum to help speed up website processing.
  • Website Vitals Check
    Web vitals help us quantify the overall user experience of your website and identify opportunities to improve.
  • Webpage Content Polish
    Overview of website to ensure content is current, relevant and also standardised within your overall theme.
  • Core Web Vitals Reporting
    We perform a Core Web Vitals report to show poor user experience on your site, which allows us to provide you with feedback on what we can do to fix any issues

Google Core Web Vitals 

Since May 2020, Google has implemented changes to their ranking algorithms. The aim of these changes is to give more organic ranking signals to user experience. 

There are three metrics that make up the Core Web Vitals, they are: 

      • Load Time
      • Interactivity
      • Visual Stability

Optimising these metrics will improve your website’s user experience and organic rankings. 

Google’s Core Web Vitals will become the core metrics for measuring user experience. 

We can help you stay ahead of your competition. Give us a call today to discuss SEO solutions for your business. 

Case Studies

Client Testimonials

Justin Cook
Justin Cook

Matt’s an extremely switched-on guy. He has experience in outsourcing and internet marketing and I would expect great things from him in the coming years. It’s been a pleasure knowing him both personally and professionally.

Jan Slavicek
Jan Slavicek

CantyDigital has been responsible for our SEO strategy and implementation for the past 5 years during which we grew our business to over 30 online location. Matt has been instrumental to our success and continues to be integral part of our strategy.

Allicia Burke
Allicia Burke

I first came to know Matt Canty when I was a Digital Manager at Resolution Media Australia. He has never shied away from adapting work processes and techniques to include the latest of industry standards. Matt is a is a true asset to any company, in any capacity.

Frank. I
Frank. I

Matt is a very diligent and skilled SEO expert, has brought about a massive improvement in my site’s SEO rankings. Would hire again with no hesitation!

Richard. P
Richard. P

Matt was incredible. He really had some amazing ideas to improve my ranking and I was truly impressed. I saw the improvement fairly quickly. I would definitely hire him again. Thank you, Matt.

Smart Diet
Smart Diet

Working with Matt was a fantastic experience. He was very communicative, quick to respond and took care of all the tasks very quickly. Matt is definitely a great choice that I would recommend to anyone looking for a SEO specialist.